What is Heated Eye Mask

Heated Eye Mask also is the warming eye mask and the steam eye mask. It’s self heating disposable eye mask.

Heated eye mask

Steam Eye Mask (Heated eye mask) is originated from Kao, Japan, developed in China,

Afterwards, there was an explosive growth of steam eye masks in the Chinese market, this improvement will also spread to all parts of the world.

The design and invention of the steam eye mask (Heated Eye Mask) is not just for assisting sleep. The biggest effect is to release steam, so as to relieve eye fatigue, relieve dry eyes, and remove dark circles, dilute the eye bags and other functions. Fashionable youth.

With the continuous development of technology, we must face various screens for a long time for up to 5-8 hours a day, then the eyes need to come to a SPA, the appearance of steam eye masks, so as to prevent youth myopia, young white-collar eyes fatigue Great effect.


Come to an SPA EYES anytime, anywhere


Used before going to bed, it can both shade and promote sleep


Take it with you when you travel, use it anytime, anywhere


Helps relieve eye fatigue and dry eyes, removes dark circles and bags under the eyes, and protects eyesight


Alleviate the damage of electronic screen to eyes


As a leading steam eye mask factory, we are currently cooperating with dozens of brands around the world.

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Why Choose Steam eye mask ?

Disposable eye mask, higher repurchase rate

Natural heat, safe and reliable

Fashionable design, more selling point

Wide consumer groups

Suitable for shopping malls, beauty, pharmacies, ophthalmology and other retail