Customized steam heated eye mask, it is particularly important to choose a good factory

First of all, we need understand the heating principle of the steam eye mask
The steam eye mask adopts advanced self-heating temperature control technology to allow the water in the air and iron powder to chemically react inside the eye mask to form a heating element and generate subtle warm water vapor that cannot be seen by the naked eye. It is a generic name product developed in response to the needs of the eye care market. It is named because it can form heat and generate steam spontaneously.

Secondly, because steam eye masks are used to warm and moisturize the outside of the eyes, the temperature requirements are particularly high, requiring strict constant temperature and appropriate heating time. Different temperatures have different heating times. Therefore, the requirements for the heating package of the eye mask must be constant temperature and temperature control, sufficient steam volume, and control of the heating time. This is not all factories can do well. Professional laboratory testing can be distinguished. Good steam eyemask, strict temperature control, and comfortable feeling. It is the best choice for us to choose a good factory, but many foreign guests do not understand and can not detect, just feel by their own experience, and think that it is enough to heat, this is not correct. Therefore, the temperature effect of the steam eye mask must be strictly tested after many long and professional tests. As a professional factory, we can provide customers with professional temperature control test table, so as to understand the constant temperature effect of the product.

Thirdly, the material selection of steam eye mask is particularly important. The materials used for eye protection must use the highest grade of non-woven fabrics, needle-punched cotton and heating bag materials. Non-woven fabrics and needle-punched cotton need to be medical grade. The current market The number of factories has increased, and most of them use ordinary non-woven fabrics and needle-punched cotton, which cannot provide relevant allergenicity, virality, and hygiene grade reports. The most important heating material of the heating bag is iron powder, and iron powder is also graded. Most of the current market uses primary reduced iron powder. This is a material used for ordinary heating bags and baby warmers. High-quality steam eye masks require secondary reduced iron Powder, so that the steam eye mask has a long-lasting heat and uniform temperature.
As a professional steam eye mask manufacturer, we have used medical-grade raw materials from the beginning and used secondary reduced iron powder to obtain 13485 medical quality system certification and FDA and CE certification. And has provided customized processing services for major brands around the world.

Finally, the price of good steam eye mask is not so low, the price of raw materials determines the price of the product, and the choice of raw materials determines the quality of the product. The steam eye mask is used for eye care, so we pay more attention to the choice of materials, and the medical level is safer and more reliable!

Customized steam heated eye mask, choose us, will be more at ease!
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