Invention and Development

The invention and development of the steam eye mask. In 2010, the steam eye mask was in the state of research and development, and this concept appeared. With the development of electronic technology, electronic products have entered thousands of households. Computers, mobile phones, etc. are basically exposed every day, and even overuse. The eyes are dry and the symptoms of fatigue are more and more. Steam eye masks are coming. Based on the upgrade research and development.



It originates from the renewed iteration of heat-generating products, it is the development of science and technology, the increase of electronic products, and consumers’ attention to eye protection.

Steam Heated Eye Mask using the advanced self-heating temperature control technology, make the water that in the air with iron powder producing a chemical reaction in the goggles inside, forming a heating body, to produce the fine moist water vapor that the naked eye can not see. It is developed and named by a generic product that demanded by the eye care market.


As a leader, we started research and development as early as 2000, obtained the patent right in 2013, and put it on the market. We are the first manufacturer of steam eye masks in China.

R & D and Improvement

In 2000, we were already working on the development of steam goggles.
In 2012, Kao Japan first launched its own steam eye mask.
In 2013, we became the first manufacturer of steam eye masks in China and launched to the market
The patent of the steam eye mask and various improvements make the temperature of the steam eye mask more constant and lasting, and the steam volume is also guaranteed.
In 2013, we launched to the global market, providing customized steam eye mask service


With the emergence of personalized market requirements,
We provide more competitive customized products, special-shaped steam eye masks, visual steam eye masks, acupuncture point steam eye masks, and customization of various types of patterns . Further upgrade the raw materials of the steam eye masks. At present, our steam eye masks have a constant temperature and temperature Time can be controlled from 20 to 60 minutes. We provide two types of ear straps, elastic rope and elastic cloth styles, the only factory in China that can customize ear straps(same as disposable mask ear straps).