According to the ear strap classification: divided into two types, elastic cloth style and elastic rope style
According to the shape: divided into two types, eye mask type, and visual type

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  1. Product name: Warming eye mask / Disposable Spa eye mask / Steam eye mask / Disposable hot Eye Mask / Heated eye mask / Self Heating Eye Mask
  2. Heating temperature: 40-45°C , accept oem 35°C -55°C
  3. Heating time : At least 30 minutes,accept oem 15-60mins
  4. Flavor : Lavender,Chamomile,Rose,Grapefruit,Osmanthus,Jasmine, etc.
  5. Mask Size : 18.5*8cm
  6. Material : Iron powder,activated carbon,water,inorganic salts etc.
  7. Package :1pc/bag 5~30pcs/box
  8. Function: Aid-sleeping,Anti-Wrinkle,Dark Circles,Anti-Puffiness etc.
  9. MOQ: 1000pcs
  10. Health level: Medical grade, Eco-friendly, Disposable
  11. OEM : Accpet all desgin
  12. Delivery time : 15 days after finalization
  13. Sample time: (if customs) about 3-5day.    Free Samples for your referance.