What is a steam eye mask: The steam eye mask adopts advanced self-heating temperature control technology to allow the water in the air and iron powder to chemically react inside the eye mask to form a heating body and generate subtle warm water that cannot be seen by the naked eye. steam. It is a generic name product developed in response to the needs of the eye care market. It is named because it can form heat and generate steam spontaneously.

The reaction principle of the steam eye mask is the reaction principle of rapid oxidation after the carbonyl iron powder contacts with oxygen in the air. In order to make the temperature last longer and more constant, the product uses a very precise breathable membrane. Because the product cannot react before use, the material of the bag should be very special. When in use, remove the outer bag and expose the product to the air for 30 seconds. The oxygen in the air enters through the micro-breathable film. The time and temperature of the released heat are controlled by the rate of oxygen permeability of the breathable membrane. If the oxygen permeation is too fast, there will be too much heat and it is very likely to burn the skin. If the oxygen permeability is too slow, the temperature is too low. It is a dark brown solid after use, which contains carbon powder, solid (this is edible salt), solid and salts containing magnesium and aluminum.

The steam eye mask originated in Japan. Later, Chinese companies developed a series of technologies related to constant temperature control and passed EU standards and FDA certification. The steam eye mask can achieve various effects such as alleviating eye fatigue, pampering the skin of the eyes, protecting eyesight, and helping sleep through warm steam application.

Applicable to a wide range of people, over-use of eyes, eye discomfort caused by excessive use of eyes, such as dry eyes, eye fatigue and other symptoms; patients with long-term insomnia; suitable for computer families, TV families, students, etc.; use more Convenient, ready to use when unpacking the bag. Compared with the electronic heating eye mask, the steam eye mask is disposable, small in size, easy to carry, and can be discarded after use!

The benefits of the product itself, promote blood circulation in the eyes, relieve eye fatigue, relax eye skin, help sleep, protect eyesight; add water, reduce water loss, dilute eye wrinkles, dark circles, eye bags, delay eye aging ;Used by other people who suffer from eye fatigue and eye problems.

Since the steam eye mask is a disposable product, consumers need to buy it again if they need to use it. Consumers are widespread. After nearly 7 years of development, the steam eye mask has achieved great success in the Chinese market. With the famous Chinese eye drop brand Zhenming Ming and Shining as the leading brand, it has occupied 70% of the domestic retail market. Other cosmetic brands are also launching their own The steam eye mask shows the influence of the steam eye mask. The steam eye mask is a daily necessity, but its effect is far greater than the effect of daily necessities, so that more industry brands can customize their own steam eye mask.

Taking foreign countries as an example, the steam eye mask launched by POPMASK is launched as a retail terminal, OPTREX as an eye drop brand launched steam eye mask to relieve eye fatigue, etc., there are many brands positioned in the eye SPA, positioned in BEAUTY, located in RELAX In addition, more hotels introduced their own steam eye masks for room service.

Steam eye masks are growing at a market value of 1 billion yuan per year, and potential consumers’ awareness of steam eye masks is also growing at 100 million yuan per year. For every 10 people who learn about steam eye masks, there are 5 eager to try.
8. Under the influence of the global coronavirus, the market for steam eye masks has not been affected, because many closure measures keep residents at home, facing mobile phones and TVs every day, steam eye masks are urgently needed to relieve eye fatigue and dryness, conservative It is estimated that the steam eye mask market will continue to grow by 20% to 30% this year.

Of course, a customized steam eye mask requires a reliable quality factory. A factory with integrated supply chain services is especially important for your customized steam eye mask. Because it is used for eye care, the materials of the steam eye mask must reach medical grade, and the heating package needs The production is strictly in accordance with the constant temperature. Market prices are uneven, not the cheapest, otherwise huge compensation will be faced in the event of an accident later.

We provide the most complete certification from CE\FDA\BSCI\ISO13485, etc. It is currently the most complete factory for certification in China. 13485 is a qualification for medical enterprise certification, so are you ready! Choose us and customize a product with the most potential in 2020-steam eye mask!

Why is steam eye mask more and more popular? It turns out that it is so useful. Have you tried it?