Steam heated Eye Mask is the start of a new custom whereby modern people can warm their over-used eyes in order to feel relaxed and ease such stress!!! The thermo pad generates a moderate amount of steam at a temperature of approximately 40 degrees Celsius to steadily and deeply warm the eyes and ease tension in surrounding muscles. It’s comforting warmth wraps around the eyes and surrounding area for 5 to 10 minutes following application, releasing the user from tension built-up throughout the day. The mask is dry. It is convenient to use. You can just take it off and throw it away after use. No rinsing is required.

The steam eye mask can be called a self-heating eye mask, or warming eye mask, also hot eye mask, and now spa eye mask,  only eye mask that release enough steam and constant temperature are called steam eye mask. Of course this is a disposable eye mask.

Steam Heated Eye Mask is made specially for relaxing your eyes. This is made with elastic material which can fit to you easily. Our High quality Steam warming Eye Mask help to relax your eyes by providing a mild warm steam (about 40 degree) and Camomile and Gigner’s natural essential oil directly to your eyes.